New research examines vision during pregnancy

Women in their first trimester of pregnancy are invited to complete online surveys investigating whether pregnancy affects vision

pregnant woman
Pixabay/Cindy Parks
A new study led by a doctoral researcher at the Institute of Optometry and London South Bank University will examine whether pregnancy affects vision.

Women in their first trimester of pregnancy are invited to complete an online questionnaire and optional online vision test at four points throughout their pregnancy – once in each trimester and once after birth.

The study is being led by optometrist and researcher, Adam Holliday, while Professor Bruce Evans and Professor Dave Edgar are supervising the research.

A description of the project online highlights that the research has the potential to help optometrists provide guidance and care to pregnant women.

Topics the study may provide insight on include whether it is safe to prescribe the first pair of glasses or to change the prescription for glasses or contact lenses during pregnancy.

The researchers added that the online vision test is not designed to determine whether the survey participant has a vision disorder.

“If you experience visual problems, you should consult your optometrist,” the survey description highlights.

Those who are interested in taking part can enrol in the survey online.