Study reports children can safely wear daily disposable contact lenses

There were no serious ocular adverse events related to contact lens wear among children fitted with MiSight lenses and followed over six years

contact lens on red background
New research has reported on the safety of fitting children with soft hydrogel daily disposable contact lenses.

The study, which was published in Contact lens and Anterior Eye, involved 144 children between the ages of eight and 12 at four international sites.

The study participants were randomly assigned to wear either Proclear 1 day or MiSight 1 day for the first three years of the study.

After the third year, those wearing Proclear were switched over to MiSight for the remainder of the study period.

Of those initially enrolled in the study, 34 were East Asian, 12 were West Asian and 79 were Caucasian. A total of 92 participants completed the six-year follow up period.

The researchers reported that there were no serious adverse ocular events related to contact lens wear over the course of the study, while biomicroscopy revealed no significant changes.

“Results suggest that children this age can successfully wear daily-disposable hydrogel contact lenses with minimal impact on ocular physiology,” the study authors highlighted.