Researchers investigate eye health effects of COVID-19

UK scientists have reported on the most common ocular symptoms among those diagnosed with COVID-19

Pixabay/Sofie Zbořilová
Anglia Ruskin University researchers have highlighted the ocular effects of COVID-19 in a study published in Global Ophthalmology.

Scientists reported that within a group of 83 patients with COVID-19, the most common symptoms were fatigue (90%), fever (76%), loss of smell or taste (70%) and a dry cough (66%).

The most common ocular symptoms associated with the virus were photophobia (18%), itchy eyes (17%) and sore eyes (16 %).

Of the study participants, 81% experienced ocular symptoms within two weeks of other COVID-19 symptoms.

The study information was gathered through a structured online questionnaire of people who had a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.

Among those who experienced ocular symptoms, 80% reported that the symptoms lasted for less than two weeks.

Researchers highlight that over the past 10 months there have been more Google searches using the term ‘sore eyes.’