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UK and Australian researchers have developed technology that allows users to gain insight into how animals perceive the world

26 Jan 2020 by Selina Powell

Technology that allows users to gain insight into how animals perceive the world has been developed by scientists from the University of Exeter and the University of Queensland.

University of Queensland PhD candidate, Cedric van den Berg, shared that the Quantitative Colour Pattern Analysis framework comprises a collection of digital image processing techniques and analytical tools.

“Collectively, these tools greatly improve our ability to analyse complex visual information through the eyes of animals,” Mr van den Berg shared.

It took four years to develop and test the technology, which includes an online platform to provider users with information about how to apply the tools.

Dr Jolyon Troscianko, from the University of Exeter, highlighted that combining colour and pattern information is key to understanding animal vision and signalling. 

The framework can be applied to a range of images; from off-the-shelf cameras to sophisticated full-spectrum imaging systems.

“You can even access most of its capabilities by using a cheap smartphone to capture photos,” Dr Troscianko said.

Image credit: Pixabay/cocoparisienne


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