35-year-old diagnosed with retinoblastoma

BMJ Case Reports authors highlight that although retinoblastoma is more commonly seen in children, it should be kept in mind for adult patients

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A 35-year-old patient whose vision faded in his right eye over a four-month period was diagnosed with retinoblastoma.

BMJ Case Reports authors highlighted that examination of the man’s eye revealed a large inferior retinochoroidal mass alongside a retinal detachment and anterior choroidal mass.

Although a provision diagnosis of amelanotic choroidal melanoma was made, an enucleation of the affected eye revealed that the patient had retinoblastoma.

“This case highlights that the diagnosis of retinoblastoma should be kept in mind even in adult patients,” the authors explained, adding that a high level of clinical suspicion is required when evaluating any case of solid whitish intraocular mass in adults.

Around 90% of retinoblastoma cases occur in patients younger than five years of age.

Six months after the surgery the patient had a healthy socket with no signs of recurrence or postoperative complications.

Image credit: Pixabay/Bru-nO


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