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Selfie takers centre the image on their left eye

A study of more than 4000 Instagram selfies from the US, Brazil, Russia, Germany and Thailand has analysed the alignment of images

18 Sep 2019 by Selina Powell

Selfie takers tend to centre the images to align horizontally with their left eye, according to new research.

The study, which was published in PLOS One, analysed more than 4000 Instagram selfies from the US, Brazil, Russia, Germany and Thailand.

Researchers from City, University of London, the University of Parma and University of Liverpool contributed to the work.

They discovered that selfie takers tended to centre the image slightly to the left of one of their eyes, usually their left eye.

The trend was seen across the different countries sampled through the study.

Professor Christopher Tyler, from City, University of London, said that the research replicated an earlier finding that painters tend to centre one eye in portraits.

“The tendency to centre a feature of particular interest in the frame presumably derives from the fact that we humans have a single focal region of high resolution in the centre of our retinas, the fovea, providing a natural point of attraction for this largely unsuspected tendency in composing the portrait,” he highlighted.

Professor Tyler has previously spoken to OT about his research suggesting that Leonardo da Vinci had an eye misalignment.

Image credit: Pixabay/Wilkernet


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