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Promising results from implanted drug reservoir for wet AMD

A clinical trial involving 220 patients has found that an implant that continuously delivers medication into the eye is safe and effective

18 Jun 2019 by Selina Powell

A port delivery system that continuously delivers medication into the eye could provide an alternative to regular injections for wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

New research, which was published in Ophthalmology, describes the results of a clinical trial with 220 wet AMD patients.

Scientists report that the drug delivery implant had comparable visual outcomes to monthly intravitreal injections.

They emphasised that the technology has the potential to reduce the treatment burden of wet AMD while maintaining vision.

Dr Peter Campochiaro, from the Wilmer Eye Institute, highlighted that missed injection appointments can lead to an irreversible decline in vision.

“This study shows that the implant is safe and effective and may only require a clinic visit and refill every six months,” he said.

Clinicians can replace medication in the reservoir without removing the implant.

Image credit: Pixabay


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