East Midlands optometrists invited to contribute to study

University of Nottingham researcher aims to develop a test for contrast sensitivity and visual acuity by observing involuntary eye movements


Optometrists in the East Midlands are invited to contribute to research that aims to develop an objective measure of contrast sensitivity and visual acuity using involuntary eye movements.

University of Nottingham research fellow, Dr Mark Burton, highlighted that the study involved recruiting patients with an ophthalmological or neurological condition that affects either one or both eyes – for example, amblyopia, cataract, glaucoma or age-related macular degeneration.

Patients who take part in the study will have their eye movements tracked while sitting in front of a computer monitor and will also undertake a computer-based assessment of their vision.

The study takes around four hours for patients to complete and an inconvenience allowance is available for each hour of participation.

Dr Burton would like to hear from optometrists who are happy to supply suitable patients with a patient information leaflet.

The patient would then be able to contact Dr Burton for further information on the study if they wished.

Optometrists who are interested in being involved can contact Dr Burton via his email address