Optometrists invited to take part in myopia survey

Global study aims to understand what is happening in clinical practice


Researchers hope to gain insight into how myopia management is being implemented in clinical practice through a new global survey.

Professor of Optometry at Aston University, James Wolffsohn, highlighted that the questionnaire takes around five minutes to complete and is open to all practising optometrists.

“There has been growing academic interest in myopia management over the past few years, but there has only been patchy information about what is happening in clinical practice,” he shared.

A previous survey conducted in 2015 gathered 971 responses, with practitioners in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America and South America taking part.

The new survey will run for around three months. Researchers are aiming to get around 1500 responses over this time period.

Professor Wolffsohn shared that more than 400 responses have already been received. Close to half of the responses so far have been from Spain.

“This survey will show us how thoughts towards and the practice on myopia management is changing and will allow practitioners to benchmark their practice against their peers,” he said.

Interested practitioners can complete the survey online