Survey explores slit lamp use in non contact lens wearers

An online questionnaire quizzes optometrists about the procedure they follow when examining patients who do not wear contact lenses


UK optometrists are being encouraged to complete an online questionnaire about their use of the slit lamp and fluorescein in patients who do not wear contact lenses.

Irish trained optometrist, Niall Farnon (pictured), is completing the survey as part of his doctorate thesis through Aston University.

Mr Farnon told OT that the series of questions takes about 10 minutes to complete.

“We are trying to get different perspectives from around the world – does one country use the slit lamp more than the other? What are the expectations and preferences?” he said.

“I think the results will be interesting as there is very little information on the use of slit lamps in non-contact lens wearers,” Mr Farnon added.

The survey was launched on 3 November and runs until the end of December.

Mr Farnon said that he was keen to hear from as many UK optometrists as possible.

“It would be good to get a range of perspectives from hospital optometrists to optometrists working in multiples and independent optometrists. The more the merrier,” he shared.

The survey can be completed by following this link.