Meditation reduces IOP in glaucoma patients

A study involving 90 primary open angle glaucoma patients found reductions in intra-ocular pressure among participants who practised mindfulness based stress reduction


Researchers from the All India Group of Medical Sciences have found a connection between meditation and lowered intra-ocular pressure (IOP) among glaucoma patients.

The results of a trial involving 90 primary open angle glaucoma patients assigned to either a mindfulness meditation group or a waitlist control group are reported in Journal of Glaucoma

The mindfulness based stress reduction group practised meditation daily for 21 days.

A 25% reduction in IOP was seen in 75% of patients who received the intervention.

As well as lowering IOP, scientists found that those assigned to the meditation group had lower rates of stress-related biomarkers, such as cortisol, and reported improved quality of life.

The researchers concluded that mindfulness meditation can be recommended as an adjunctive therapy for primary open angle glaucoma.