Role of immune response in AMD investigated by UK researchers

Scientists from the University of Southampton have found that many age-related macular degeneration patients have overactive immune systems


Researchers from the University of Southampton are investigating the impact of an individual’s immune response and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Southampton University professor of experimental neuro-immunology, Jessica Teeling, explained that the research team had found that many AMD patients have overactive immune systems.

“Certain diets and stress, fuel the flames of inflammation and this can lead to early onset of AMD symptoms,” she elaborated.

The research project involves measuring levels of inflammation in the blood and eyes of AMD patients and comparing this to inflammation levels in healthy individuals.

“We hope this will lead us to find a protein that can predict future vision loss and inform us about novel ways to treat this debilitating disease. We may be able to prevent or delay the symptoms of AMD if we control the immune system," Professor Teeling highlighted.