Super glue injuries: children present with adhesive “up to lash roots”

BMJ Case Reports clinicians have described their treatment of two young patients who suffered eye injuries following accidents with the popular household sealant

Super glue eye injury

Indian clinicians have described their treatment of two children who presented to a New Delhi hospital with super glue injuries.

Writing in BMJ Case Reports, the authors outlined how a 10-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl presented separately to hospital with ocular injuries from the household adhesive.

Both patients had periocular erythema and closed eyelids in the affected eye, with matting of the eyelashes and glue retention up to the lash roots. 

After the application of local anaesthetic, clinicians trimmed the lashes and removed crystallised glue particles.

Both children had a full recovery of visual acuity, with no complications observed at a five month follow up.

The authors highlighted their preference for trimming eyelashes to allow separation of the eyelids rather than forceful separation.

“Forceful separation of the eyelids may pluck the eyelashes from their roots leading to permanent loss of the lashes,” they explained.

Image credit: BMJ Case Reports