Small study suggests eating fish could boost unborn baby’s eyesight

Finnish researchers have highlighted the benefits of expectant mothers consuming a diet high in fatty fish


Expectant mothers who have a diet high in fatty fish may boost their unborn child’s eyesight and brain function, according to a small study carried out by Finnish researchers.

Scientists from the University of Turku analysed the blood test results of 56 mothers and their children. They also examined food diaries kept by the mothers during their pregnancy.

The study, which was published in Pediatric Research, found that mothers who ate fish three or more times a week during the final trimester of their pregnancy had children with better visual function than mothers who ate two or less portions of fish each week.

Study author, Dr Kirsi Laitinen, highlighted that the results suggest frequent fish consumption benefits an unborn child’s development.

“This may be attributable to long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids within fish, but also due to other nutrients like vitamin D and E, which are also important for development,” she shared.