Older US residents miss out on sight tests

Poll finds 18% of respondents aged 50 and older had not been for a sight test in the past three years


US research has highlighted that one in five older Americans have not had their eyesight checked in three years or more.

The University of Michigan’s National Poll on Healthy Ageing surveyed 2013 adults between the ages of 50 and 80.

The poll found that 18% of respondents had not had a sight test in the past three years or were not sure when they last had their eyes checked.

Of those who had not had a recent sight test, 25% said that cost was a factor while close to the same proportion highlighted a lack of insurance as contributing to the situation.

More than a third of those who had not had their eyes checked said they had not got around to it, while close to one in four said it was easier to buy spectacles over the counter.

The most common reason respondents gave was that they were not having problems seeing, with 40% of respondents providing this explanation for not booking a sight test appointment.