European contact lens market grows 4.3%

Scandinavian countries lead an annual listing of contact lens penetration rates across 11 European nations


The latest statistical analysis of contact lens penetration in Europe reveals that Sweden has the highest proportion of contact lens wearers between the ages of 15 and 64.

The 2017 market data report by the European contact lens and lens care industry (Euromcontact) compares contact lens uptake across 11 nations.

Sweden tops penetration rates at 14.8%, followed by Denmark (13.19%) and Norway (11.37%).

The UK and Republic of Ireland lag slightly behind the Scandinavian nations at 8.64% while Spain takes the final spot with 4.05% of the target population wearing contact lenses.

The research reports that the contact lens market across the 11 countries grew by 4.3%. Daily disposable use increased by 7.6% while conventional soft contact lenses also experienced growth of 5.5%.

The market for weekly, biweekly and monthly contact lenses also increased slightly by 0.4%.

There are differences in the types of lenses people wear between countries. While daily disposable lenses account for 76.2% of wearers in Denmark and 69.3% in Norway, most contact lens wearers choose weekly, biweekly and monthly contact lenses in the Netherlands (75.6%) and Spain (76.7%).