What’s new in DEWS II?

Optometrist, Niall O’Kane, talks with OT  about how to apply an updated definition of dry eye in practice


Strood optometrist, Niall O’Kane, explained to practitioners how to apply the DEWS II report in practice at 100% Optical (27–29 January, ExCeL London).

Speaking with OT after his presentation, Mr O’Kane highlighted that the report gives optometrists an evidence base for evaluating and managing dry eye. He explained that DEWS II has a greater patient focus than the previous report.

Mr O’Kane emphasised that the management of dry eye can take time.

“Don’t expect results instantly – it can take quite a while. Because it is a chronic condition it will need ongoing management,” he added.

The increasing use of electronic devices has contributed to the rising prevalence of dry eye, Mr O’Kane shared.

He encouraged practitioners to provide patients with written instructions when managing dry eye.

“If the management is greater than the problem, they won’t perform it. You’ve got to think of it as though you are the patient – would you follow that regime?” Mr O’Kane elaborated.