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Presidential vision

The US head of state’s uncorrected visual acuity has been revealed as part of his first medical exam since taking office

19 Jan 2018 by Selina Powell

Alongside a host of personal statistics, including the US head of state’s height, weight and resting pulse, President Donald Trump’s first medical check-up since taking office has revealed key information about his eyesight.

White House doctor Dr Ronny Jackson confirmed that Mr Trump has an uncorrected visual acuity of 20/30 bilaterally, with a corrected visual acuity of 20/20.

His visual fields, funduscopic examination and intraocular pressures were all normal and no ocular pathology was discovered.

The 71-year-old is rarely seen wearing spectacles in public.

CBS News reported in 2016 that during a legal deposition, Mr Trump was unable to meet a request by a lawyer to read part of a contract out loud, saying: "I am at a disadvantage because I didn't bring my glasses. This is such small writing."