Carotenoids boost vision in clinical trial

Study participants with early-stage dry AMD show improved contrast sensitivity after taking antioxidant supplements


A study by scientists at the Nutrition Research Centre Ireland has revealed improvements in visual function when patients with early-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD) were given antioxidant supplements.

The research, which is published in Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision Science, involved observations from a randomised clinical trial with 121 early-stage AMD patients.

The study participants received supplementary carotenoids over a two-year period.

By the conclusion of the study, 40% of participants experienced statistically significant improvements in their vision.

Visual function was measured through using best-corrected visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, glare disability, retinal straylight, photo stress recovery time, reading performance, and the National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire.

The study also found that study participants had increased macular pigment density after taking the supplements.