Tinted sunglasses beneficial following concussion

Eyewear with coloured lenses was found to ease photophobia symptoms after a head injury

Pink spectacles

A new study has found that wearing sunglasses with colour-tinted lenses eases light sensitivity in concussion patients.

The research, published in the Journal of Athletic Training, reported on the visual symptoms of 51 concussion patients who used sunglasses with coloured lenses of varying hues.

Of the patients who experienced photophobia, 85% had a relief in symptoms from using the colour-tinted lenses.

Study author, Dr Joe Clark, from the University of Cincinnati, told OT that the goal was to help the concussion patient feel better as the brain heals.

“We compare the coloured glasses to being like a brace or cast but for the brain,” he explained.

“It is temporary but prevents further injury or pain,” Dr Clark added.

As well as using colour-tinted sunglasses, other strategies recommended in the research to ease photophobia include wearing a wide-brimmed hat when outdoors, adjusting digital screen and device settings to an appropriate hue and brightness or purchasing filters for screens.

The researchers do not recommend wearing coloured glasses while driving as certain colours can make seeing traffic lights or emergency vehicle lights difficult.  

Image credit: Derek Gavey