A taste of the Crabb lab

OT  spoke to members of City University London’s Crabb Lab about the range of interdisciplinary vision research they are carrying out

What is the Crabb lab?

The Crabb Lab at City University London is unique in the world of vision research.

Established in 2010 by professor of statistics and vision research, David Crabb, the group consists of researchers from the fields of optometry, psychology, mathematics, health economics and computer science all collaborating to improve ocular healthcare.

The Crabb Lab’s focus is on measuring vision, calling on the expertise of researchers with backgrounds in this range of different disciplines.

The team’s work involves research into imaging, image processing, measurements of visual function and how the results of this research can be transferred to improve the lives of patients visiting NHS eye clinics.

Since the lab began it has attracted over £1.5m in research funding and has published more than 50 academic papers.

The team has also developed a number of practical tools for use in patient care, including an app for use by glaucoma patients and their families, and a mapping tool that reveals associations between deprivation and eye disease.

The researchers are also currently working with large sets of clinical data that they hope will soon be used by hospital eye clinics to prioritise patients and streamline NHS delivery of care for glaucoma patients.