Urgent call to join largest global DR survey

Final call for participants from 42 countries to contribute

28 Apr 2015 by Emily McCormick

Healthcare providers and diabetic patients are being urged to take part in the largest survey ever conducted into diabetic retinopathy (DR). 

The countdown has begun to recruit 70 patients and 30 healthcare providers in each of the 42 countries taking part in the research.

There is an urgent need to increase recruitment for the study across all the countries in February and March before the database is locked on 31 March. 

Organisers of the DR Barometer survey have emphasised that ‘valuable time spent by all those contributing will play a critical role in informing and shaping policy, in decision-making nationally and globally in DR.’

The DR Barometer Project is a collaborative initiative between the International Federation on Ageing, the International Diabetes Federation and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness. It is being run by the New York Academy of Medicine across 42 countries. 

Jane Barratt, secretary general of the International Federation on Ageing said: “We need as many people living with diabetes and their healthcare providers to have their voices heard and we ask them to generously give their time to complete the DR survey now.” 

She added: “Together we can transform the future of DR care but currently many voices from many countries are missing. Everyone’s input from around the world is invaluable to this truly ground-breaking study.”  


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