Optometry Scotland establishes regional clusters

A team of independent representatives, who sit on the executive committee, will guide members on local issues

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Optometry Scotland has introduced regional clusters, covering the north, south, east, and west of Scotland, with the aim of providing additional support for members.

Establishing the regional clusters forms part of a two-phase strategy by Optometry Scotland, with the aim of increasing engagement and encouraging two-way communication between existing members and the executive committee.

Julie Mosgrove
Julie Mosgrove, chair of Optometry Scotland
A team of independent representatives who currently sit on the Optometry Scotland executive committee have been assigned to ensure the views of members are represented at a local and national level.

Independent representatives will also guide members on local issues, share experiences and resources. 

Julie Mosgrove, chair of Optometry Scotland, explained that introducing the regional representation would enable the membership body to “gain deeper insight into the issues facing optometrists on a daily basis, meaning we can more accurately campaign on their behalf.”

“We know there are some issues which will affect everyone, such as the fee we agree with the Scottish Government for carrying out eye examinations, but other challenges or examples of great practice will vary across the country, such as rural opticians or those working in large cities,” she added.

Members of Optometry Scotland will use their independent representative as the main point of contact for support or guidance. The representatives will also provide regular updates on business from the membership body to local practices.

Mosgrove commented: “It has been incredibly encouraging to see independent practices placing their trust in us, and their colleagues, as we continue to support the prioritisation of eye care in Scotland.”

The current membership of Optometry Scotland is made up of approximately 80 businesses and 30 practices, including independent and multiple opticians.