WCO and Alcon launch dedicated dry eye disease website

Part of an education initiative created by the partnership, the website will host on-demand webinars and resources

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The World Council of Optometry (WCO) and Alcon have launched a new website to support their dry eye disease education initiative.

The partnership was formed to deliver education for eye care professionals around dry eye disease and its management.

The website will feature on-demand webinars from what is to become a series of Dry Eye Spotlight sessions. 

The website launched with a recording of the first webinar: Dry Eye Disease Mitigation, which debuted on 9 November and covered the prevalence and aetiology of dry eye, associated risk factors and triaging patients with symptoms.

Visitors to the website will be able to register for future live-chat enabled webinars in the weeks leading up to each event. The series will include: Dry Eye Disease Measurement on 17 January 2023, Dry Eye Disease Management on 8 March, and Dry Eye Disease Wheel Tool on 16 May. On-demand versions become available the following day.

The new website will also host in-practice tools including clinical studies and white papers that explore the mitigation, measurement and management of dry eye disease, along with other professional development resources.

A blog will feature insights from the initiative’s faculty members and guest bloggers.

Dr Sandra Block, president-elect for the World Council of Optometry, said the new website would present the latest in dry eye disease science “through trusted information and tools,” adding: “Of value no matter the size of your practice or the length of your experience, these resources offer practical measures to help improve patients’ quality of life.”

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