WCO and Alcon launch dry eye disease education programme

The partnership will bring together expert opinion and the latest research to support optometrists’ understanding of dry eye disease

woman rubbing eyes

The World Council of Optometry (WCO) and Alcon have formed a year-long global dry eye disease education initiative.

The evidence-based programme will collate insights from opinion leaders and a summary of the latest research covering different aspects of dry eye disease. Each will include related, easy-to-implement educational materials.

The partnership hopes to increase optometrists’ understanding of dry eye aetiology and prevalence, diagnoses and practical management.

WCO president, Peter Hendicott, commented: “We are excited to partner with Alcon in supporting the education of optometrists globally about practical measures to better address dry eye, a condition that without proper diagnosis and treatment can lead to ocular surface disease.”

“By raising the conversation around dry eye, the eye care community can collectively improve outcomes from a condition that can significantly affect people’s vision and lives,” he added.

Data suggests dry eye disease affects 1.4 billion people worldwide, the partnership noted.

“The impact of dry eye on quality of life is comparable to other disabling conditions, and even mild to moderate dry eye can reduce quality of life,” commented Carla Mack, global head of professional affairs for Alcon.

The new initiative will bring experts in the field and the latest science “to the forefront,” Mack said. “We’re excited to help more optometrists access the latest data and world-class faculty so that more patients who suffer from dry eye disease find treatment and relief.”

A dedicated website for the initiative is in development. Updates will be posted to the World Council of Optometry website.