Optometry Scotland elects new chair

Julie Mosgrove, optometrist and retail director for the Duncan & Todd Group, has served as vice-chair for Optometry Scotland for the last three years

Julie Mosgrove

Optometry Scotland has announced the appointment of a new chair, as Julie Mosgrove moves into the role.

Mosgrove was elected chair at the annual general meeting of Optometry Scotland, succeeding David Quigley.

Optometrist and retail director for the Duncan & Todd Group, Mosgrove has served as vice chair for Optometry Scotland for the last three years.

Mosgrove became involved with the organisation as a representative for Grampian AOC, and latterly as a member representative for Duncan and Todd.

Describing the appointment as an “honour,” Mosgrove commented: “In the last few years we have supported the sector through the challenges of the pandemic, laid out recommendations to help future-proof community eye care, and crucially, been instrumental in securing a 3% eye examination fee increase through our Scottish Government negotiations for 2021–22.”

“We have emerged from a challenging period in a strong position and as we look forward, we are ready to help our members navigate the new changes that are coming for the profession, from changes to referral pathways, to the future of optometric education.

“We continue to remain agile and review our own ways of working so we can provide the best possible support and maximise every opportunity,” Mosgrove concluded.