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On stage at 100% Optical: Titanium spirit

Charmant will lead a workshop at 100% Optical 2022 covering all there is to know about Japanese titanium. OT  hears the brand’s plans for the discussion

From clinical decision making to new materials and social media, 100% Optical 2022 will see a programme of more than 130 engaging education sessions on topics from across optics. Ahead of the event, OT’s Q&A series highlights the key themes from just a few of the sessions that will take place during the show.

What are some of the key messages you will share about titanium materials in eyewear?

Stacey Lees
We will talk about the history and usage of titanium, along with explaining the difference between Japanese titanium and titanium from other origins. We will also explore the different types of titanium materials used within the eyewear industry and the session will allow attendees to examine materials in an interactive way. Additionally, we will provide some useful tips for dealing with titanium products in daily practice life.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

The session is for all those who purchase, dispense, and are considering selling titanium frames in their business. It’s an opportunity to learn important details which can prove useful for daily work and enhance the patient journey. The session will suit all those involved in practice life – from purchasing through to dispensing and fitting – and those who would like to know how to sell titanium frames and why.

Why do you think attendees should engage in this topic?

Titanium is a fantastic, proven material for eyewear and provides excellent benefits for patients – including practicality, styling, fitting, wearing and medical benefits. This session will provide knowledge of these benefits and cover how to pass this information on to patients in an engaging way. It will also provide an insight into the full supply chain of this material, which can be used to educate and inform.