WCO launches digital resource for myopia management

Developed in partnership with CooperVision, the website gathers information on myopia management in a range of languages

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The World Council of Optometry (WCO) and CooperVision have partnered on a new online resource providing multilingual information on myopia management for eye care professionals.

The resource will provide a source of information and a forum to exchange knowledge and experience of myopia management within the global optometric community. It is hoped the resource will enable eye care professionals to apply a standard of care for managing myopia, regardless of where they are based.

The site is organised around the evidence-based standard of care adopted by the WCO in April this year. Each of the three key pillars provides papers and studies distilled into single-page ‘Myopia Moments’ available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Paul Folkesson, president of the World Council of Optometry, commented: “This online resource provides eye care practitioners from anywhere in the world access to the information they need to implement a standard of care to treat or manage a patient’s myopia progression,” adding that through the website, “information regarding the treatment of myopia is more accessible than ever before.”

The launch of the resource follows a partnership between the WCO and CooperVision, announced this year, to develop a standard of care for myopia management.

Outlining the WCO’s mission to facilitate the development of optometry worldwide and support optometrists “in promoting eye health and vision care as a human right,” Folkesson shared: “There is no better example of the WCO carrying out this mission than our effort to address the childhood epidemic of myopia.”