GOC invites registrants to take part in COVID-19 Outcomes in Healthcare Workers study

The GOC says the participation of optometrists and dispensing opticians in the research is ‘vital’

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The General Optical Council (GOC) is encouraging its registrants to sign up to a study into the effect of COVID-19 on healthcare workers.

The United Kingdom Research Study into Ethnicity (UK-REACH) and COVID-19 Outcomes in Healthcare Workers is funded by the UK Government and is being supported by the GOC, alongside six other healthcare regulators.

It aims to help understand why people from certain ethnic minorities are more likely to have severe COVID-19. You do not need to have had COVID-19 to take part in the study.

UK-REACH will look at COVID-19 outcomes in people of different ethnicities who are working in health and social care, and how these relate to working conditions, job types, and general health and living circumstances.

The findings will be used to make rapid recommendations to the Government to protect health and social care workers.

Marcus Dye, GOC acting director of strategy, said: “We’re proud to support UK-REACH with its research into if, how and why COVID-19 has a greater impact on BAME health and care workers.

“It’s vital that optometrists and dispensing opticians participate in the research to reflect the experience of our sector and to ensure that the important learnings from the study will help us to better support our BAME colleagues.

“We have written to all of our registrants directly about the research and encourage as many as possible to sign-up.”

For more information, visit the UK-Reach website.