Podcast explores eye care in Wales

The 30-minute episode discusses the delivery of eye care in Wales

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The latest episode of the podcast Primary Eye Guys features a conversation with training and accreditation manager for Wales Optometry Postgraduate Education Centre, Sharon Beatty, and North Wales-based optometrist, Tim Morgan.

The podcast, which is hosted by two optometry undergraduates studying in Ireland, explored the future of eye care in Wales, as well as the scope of practice and the educational courses that are available to practitioners after qualification.

Ms Beatty told listeners that 3.2 million people live in Wales, with 365 optometry practices present, 800 practising optometrists and 270 dispensing opticians.

Speaking about the scope of practice in Wales, Ms Beatty and Mr Morgan explained about a range of additional services that can be provided by optometrists in the community with specific further qualification.

Ms Beatty shared: “Welsh Government policy is very much care close to home in the local community.”

She added: “[Eye care] in Wales is evolving and it’s all very exciting in Wales.”

The Primary Eye Guys podcast was launched in December 2018 and releases a new episode once every fortnight.

For more about Primary Eye Guys, and to listen to the podcast, visit its website.

Image credit: Pixabay/Florante Valdez