BCLA launches ortho-k course

Plans are in place to extend the course globally via an online platform

BCLA delegates
The British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) has launched a new course in collaboration with the Hong Kong Academy of Orthokeratology.

The Orthokeratology Continuing Education (OKCE) course is designed for practitioners who are looking to or have recently introduced ortho-k treatment into their practice.

It features lectures, lab sessions, seminars and exams, and there are plans to extend the course content globally via an online digital platform.

President of the BCLA, Professor Sunil Shah, explained that the course is designed to give candidates the chance to demonstrate an understanding of the basic theory of ortho-k, its pros and cons, and the selection of patients.

“It will promote safe and ethical practice and boost professional competency, while increasing knowledge of how to identify potential problems from data collected during examination. This will set a global standard for ortho-k practice,” Professor Shah said.

The first phase of the course is currently taking place in China, with 12 delegates (pictured) who are also expected to attend the BCLA Asia conference in Singapore (18–19 September).

Immediate past-president of the Hong Kong Academy of Orthokeratology, Pauline Cho, said: “Ortho-k is a rapidly growing field within 21st century optometry and there is a huge appetite for learning. This course will help to meet that demand.”

The OKCE will count for 10 of the 50 points required for fellowship status of the BCLA.