DVLA launches number plate test campaign

A public-facing initiative is reminding drivers to check that their eyesight meets the required driving standards


The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has launched a national eyesight awareness campaign encouraging drivers to take the number plate test.

The campaign is reminding the public that they can check that their eyesight meets the national standards for driving by taking the 20-metres test.

It is advising that five car lengths or eight parking bays is an easy way to measure the distance.

Anyone with concerns about their eyesight is being encouraged by the DVLA to visit their optometrist for a sight test.

The DVLA’s senior doctor, Dr Wyn Parry, said the number plate test is a simple and effective way for people to ensure they meet the required standards for driving.

“Having good eyesight is essential for safe driving, so it’s really important for drivers to have regular eye tests. Eyesight can naturally deteriorate over time, so anyone concerned about their eyesight should visit their optician – don’t wait for your next check-up,” Dr Parry added.

In response to the DVLA’s campaign launch, the AOP said that while it is delighted to see the agency promoting the importance of good eyesight, it is disappointed that they think the number plate test is an adequate indication of someone’s eye health.

Optometrist and AOP board member, Dr Julie-Anne Little said: “We recommend that people get their sight tested by an optometrist every two years, regardless of whether they are concerned about their eyesight, in order to maximise their eye health and make sure they are road safe. We believe sight tests every 10 years should be mandatory for all drivers.”

Image credit: Victor Huang