A student voice

Optometrist Luke Allen has a new role at the BCLA as its student representative

Luke Allen

The British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) has announced 25-year-old optometrist, Luke Allen (pictured), as its new student representative.

In his role, Mr Allen will sit in on all council meetings and discuss new ways of engaging with younger members and students.

The BCLA explained to OT that Mr Allen is seen as a “natural fit to provide a link between the BCLA council and group informally known as BCLA buds,” a group of student ambassadors in universities across the UK.

The association said that he is a recent graduate who has been through the process of finding a job and will able to communicate effectively based on his experience.  

Speaking about his appointment, Mr Allen said that he hopes to bring fresh insight into the needs of younger people in the industry.

“Hopefully I can bring something new to the role and be the link between council and optometry students across the country. Communication is key, ensuring the messages are delivered in a way that ensures they reach their target quickly and effectively,” he explained. 

President of the BCLA, Keith Tempany, said that by having a dedicated voice on the council, students can “play an even greater role in the BCLA than ever before.”

“Having Luke on council will bring something new to the table. We want to be challenged, we want to hear potentially different ways of doing what we do and we want to innovate. Luke will help us with that,” he added.