Community Eye Care app and website launched

From keratitis to corneal abrasion, a new tool gives Scottish practitioners straightforward guidance on managing eye conditions


A new eye care app and website has been launched in Scotland.

The Community Eye Care site aims to improve access to optometry primary care clinical guidelines.

In the Eye Care Guidelines section, practitioners can look up suggested treatment, advice and differential diagnosis for a broad range of conditions, from keratitis to corneal abrasion.

The section also gives guidance on when to refer cases on and how ophthalmologists may manage a condition.

The guidelines have been adapted, with permission, from the College of Optometrist’s clinical management guidelines and incorporate experience gained through the NHS Grampian’s Eye Health Network.

A statement on the website explained that community optometrists in Scotland are increasingly working with ophthalmologists, while independent prescribing was introduced in 2008.

“The introduction of standardised pathways will not only help guide optometric independent prescribers to use their new-found skills in the most appropriate manner, but also help guide whether to treat in the community or refer onwards.”