Devon LOC produces enhanced services brochure

The community eye care services brochure will be used to help raise awareness of eye care with other healthcare professionals in the county

Devon LOC brochure

Devon Local Optical Committee (LOC) has produced a brochure that provides information on the enhanced services that are available in its area to help drive awareness of eye care with local allied health professionals.  

The four-page guide, which can be downloaded from the LOC’s website, includes an overview of the local workforce, the rising patient demand for services, an insight into what enhanced services optometrists in Devon already deliver, and the accreditation courses that are in place.  

Speaking about the reason for producing the brochure, Jonathan Drew, business manager for Devon LOC, told OT: “LOCs are working hard to promote enhanced services and develop local services for local people, but we, as a profession, are also keen on seeing even more services going through local practices. We see producing this brochure of services as a quick aid that can be handed out to professionals, such as commissioners and those working in the hospital setting, to try and sell what we can do.” 

He added: “In my experience on the LOC, eye care is often forgotten about – it sits below GPs and pharmacists on the agenda, but we hope this brochure will go some way to help raise the profile of eye care locally.

Mr Drew said that he hoped some of the 115 practices within the LOC’s catchment area would use the brochure as a starting point to liaise with local GPs and the hospital eye care service.