Study re-programming

The GOC’s Samantha Peters talked to NOC delegates about the regulator’s review of optometric education


Any and all ideas to revolutionise optical education in order to meet the profession’s future will be welcomed by the General Optical Council (GOC), its chief executive and registrar, Samantha Peters, told the National Optical Conference (NOC, 10–11 November, Hilton Birmingham Metropole).

In the OT video, Ms Peters emphasises that: “The door is absolutely open for the whole of the profession to engage in…looking ahead at what’s needed for the future.”

The GOC is planning to launch a ‘call for evidence’ in December, which will be open for 12 weeks, as part of its ongoing review. Meetings with key stakeholders will follow.

Ms Peters told NOC delegates that: “I think this has been a long time coming.”

With the changes in technology and the future demand for eye care, she highlighted that: “We need to have a good look at how optical education should evolve.”

At a previous GOC meeting this year, GOC chair, Gareth Hadley, also highlighted the urgency of this work, adding: “[This] has gone beyond being nice to have to being essential.”