Contact lens practitioners will be told the future is in your hands

BCLA event will highlight what is needed to protect and evolve the contact lens industry in the coming years

BCLA delegates

Practitioners will be given a glimpse into what lies ahead in optometry and contact lenses and told ‘the future is in your hands’ at a British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) meeting in London on Monday 19 September (7pm).

BCLA president, Brian Tompkins, will be joined on stage at the Royal College of Nursing by optometrist and training expert, Sarah Morgan, to present ‘a vision of the future.’

Delegates will hear talks on what is needed to protect and evolve the contact lens industry in the coming years.

 “We have to be honest. If certain steps are not taken to maintain a grip on contact lens care in practice then the future could be bleak,” Mr Tompkins warned.

“It may be tinged with threats of deregulation if skills sets are not maintained so we need to discuss a variety of strategies to attract new business,” he added.

“It’s vital that we look after our existing patients, making sure they have access to the best available technology to ensure no discomfort or vision issues to avoid them dropping out.”

Mr Tompkins highlighted: “Cost is also important. We need to charge properly for all work carried out. Fee structure discussions and making sure patients understand the proper care levels are important.”

Both presenters will draw on a wealth of experience in running a successful contact lens practice, and will share their ideas to help enhance interaction between staff and with patients and suppliers.

Entry to the event is free for BCLA members. For more information, visit the association’s website