Obituary: Giles Butler

OT  pays tribute to FODO’s late member services manager who has died


OT is sad to report the death of Giles Butler, member services manager for the Federation of Ophthalmic and Dispensing Opticians (FODO).

Mr Butler worked for the federation for seven years, managing the Optical Confederation domiciliary eyecare committee and FODO Ireland, as well as being the first manager of National Eye Health Week in the UK (as part of a secondment) and the Healthy Eyes campaign in Ireland.

FODO chief executive, David Hewlett, told OT: “I know FODO members and everyone at 199 [Gloucester Terrace, London, where FODO is based] will remember Giles for his irrepressible good humour and his commitment to the causes of high-quality domiciliary eye care and improving eye health, both in the UK and Ireland.

“Members will also recall his dry and sardonic wit, his ability to reach out to members, the wider Optical Confederation and members of the public, as well as his unfailing commitment to sort out problems wherever he could.”

Mr Hewlett concluded: “At 199 we will also all remember the fun times we had at parties and gatherings. He will be very sadly missed."