Beauty is in the eyewear of the beholder

A survey on Valentine’s Day proposes that wearing spectacles might not be as detrimental to your allure as once thought

Love heart specs

While bespectacled hopefuls this Valentine’s Day might think their eyewear puts them at a disadvantage, a survey suggests it might be doing the opposite.

Upon being asked about dating, 64% of participants said they would not mind if their date was wearing spectacles, while 26% even claimed they would find a date in spectacles attractive or sexy, according to a UK survey conducted by the College of Optometrists.

Better yet, while 23% said they would not wear spectacles on a first date, only 1% of participants claimed they would not go on a second date with a spectacles wearer, suggesting that the notion of spectacles being unattractive is a common misconception.

The survey also revealed attitudinal differences to spectacles between genders. Women are not as likely to wear spectacles in their online profile picture (18% versus 8%), and men are more likely to find spectacles wearing more attractive (20% versus 15%).

Clinical advisor to the College of Optometrists, Susan Blakeney, commented: “It’s great to see such a positive attitude towards wearing glasses, something that may have traditionally been viewed as geeky or unattractive. Our survey showed encouraging opinions from both the young and the old.

She continued: “Wearing glasses forms a very important part in optimising vision for a huge proportion of people in the UK, so I’m very pleased to see them viewed in this positive way.”

More information about the survey can be found here.

Image credit: Flickr/Jeremy Vickers