Organisation launches awareness week campaign

Optometry Northern Ireland (ONI) will launch its first-ever advertising campaign to coincide with National Eye Health Week this month

National Eye Health Week resource materials
Optometry Northern Ireland (ONI) will establish its first-ever advertising campaign which aims to highlight the importance of visiting the optometrist amongst the public this month.

To be launched to coincide with National Eye Health Week (NEHW)which takes place on 21–27 September 21–27, the campaign will feature the strapline ‘50% of sight loss is preventable. Visit your local optician today.’ Posters will appear on a total of 48 billboards across the province, as well as on the side of buses. Case studies from local optometrists will also feature in national and local newspapers.

Chair of ONI, optometrist David Barnes, said: “It is a great way to promote our profession and signpost us as experts when it comes to eye health and eye care. Not only do we contribute greatly to our patients' quality of life, but we also help maintain their ability to live independently and carry out the daily tasks that we often take for granted.

“The public need to know the pivotal role we play in primary healthcare, with prompt referrals of patients with sight threatening conditions which can result in prevention of sight loss in over 50% of cases.”