College launches guidance app

The College of Optometrists has created an app to allow practitioners to access its Guidance for professional practice from a smart phone or tablet

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The College of Optometrists has launched an app for its Guidance for professional practice, which is designed to allow its members to access and search its advice from a smart phone or tablet. 

The establishment of the app marks a conscious drive by the College to make its guidance accessible to practitioners 24/7. While members of the College have received a hardcopy of the new guidance, a microsite also allows practitioners to view the guidance in full online. 

The College has stressed that the app is only available through its microsite, rather than iTunes or Google Play. 

Director of member services and communications, Catherine Bithell, stressed: “All members need to do to get the app is use their College login details and download it to their device.” 

She added: “Members only need to download the guidance app once, then they can then use it to their heart’s content, even when offline, which is perfect for people who work in areas and practice rooms with little or no internet access. 

“The app is responsive, so can be used on a range of devices, and we’re really proud of how fast and accurate the search function is. We are sure this will be a fantastic addition to the in-practice support we provide to our members.” 

The app can be downloaded from the College website.