World Health Organization survey into the COVID-19 experiences of rehabilitation workers live

The anonymous 15-minute survey is seeking to gather the experiences of optometrists and will be open until mid-October

A blonde female optometrist in a face mask looks directly towards the camera

A World Health Organization (WHO) survey that aims to gather the COVID-19 experiences of European rehabilitation workers, including optometrists, is now live.

The survey, created by the WHO’s European Region, will collect information around the impact of the pandemic on the rehabilitation workforce and their service delivery.

Rehabilitation workers in the UK, Italy, Poland, Georgia and Armenia are being called on to complete the anonymous 15-minute survey.

The aim is to recognise the contribution the rehabilitation workforce made during the pandemic, and to document and learn from the experiences shared.

WHO also hopes that the results will help to inform future emergency responses.

Optometrists are being urged to take the survey, and to share it with colleagues.

Posters and social media tiles with QR codes that link directly to the survey, as well as a Word document with social media text suggestions, are available in order to assist practices in encouraging their staff to respond.

Practices or individuals who want to access these materials should contact [email protected]

The survey will be open until mid-October. The exact closing date will depend on the number of responses received.

Take the survey here.