Ordnance Survey customises digital map for colour blind users

Colour blind users can view a digital map of Great Britain clearly following the introduction of alternative visual styles

Recreational walkers with a colour vision deficiency (CVD) will be able to navigate the countryside with greater ease following the introduction of alternative visual styles in Ordnance Survey (OS) online mapping.

OS has developed free styles for its digital map of Great Britain that enhance access for users with red-green and blue-yellow colour blindness.

The new visual styles for the open data map, OS Open Zoomstack, are available to download through the OS website.  

OS graduate data scientist, Jessica Baker, highlighted that online maps are likely to reach tens of thousands of people with colour vision deficiency.

“We know that people depend on OS data and wanted to maximise accessibility and ease of use both for people with CVD, and those without,” she shared.

“I created these styles with both groups in mind, making changes to the traditional styles we all know and love that will work much better for colour blind people,” Ms Baker highlighted.

OS is seeking feedback on the new CVD-friendly designs. Comments can be submitted via email

Image credit: Pixabay/FreePhotos