Moving online: Ophthalmic payments and the Performers List

PCSE updates practitioners on its plans to move ophthalmic payments and the Performers List online in the coming month

ophthalmic equipment
Primary Care Support England (PCSE) has confirmed that new online processes for ophthalmic payments and the Performers List will go live over the next month.

Applications and updates to the Performers List will move online at the end of the month (30 September).

Accessible via PCSE Online, practitioners will have access 24 hours a day in order to submit and track changes to their details on the Performers List including their name or address, as well as apply to be on the list.

Also moving online is ophthalmic payments, with the system scheduled to go live on 28 October. Similar to the Performers List changes, users will have access to ophthalmic payment services 24 hours a day via PCSE Online.

The new online payment system enables users to submit General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) claims, with immediate feedback on the accuracy of the information supplied. They can also track the status of claims and view statements.

PCSE highlighted that more information will be available for those using practice management software or who are part of a larger chain over the coming weeks.

The organisation explained that users will need to be registered to use PCSE Online and that it would be sending out letters to contract holders by courier over the coming days. It added that those working within Specsavers, Boots, Vision Express, Scrivens and Asda practices would receive the information from their head offices.

PCSE explained that the letters will contain a unique access code that administrators must register by 30 September in order to be able to access the system.

Ahead of the October launch for online ophthalmic payments, PCSE has been working with a number of early adopter practices that have been testing the new system and providing feedback.

Optometrist and AOP clinical director, Dr Peter Hampson, told OT: “The transformation process is now gaining pace and soon members will be able to use the new electronic GOS process. This change has been long awaited, but we understand that some members will be slightly nervous. The reports and testing we have seen appear to show the system should be resilient, but we aren’t naive enough to think there won’t be any teething problems.

“The AOP will be closely monitoring the roll out and will be raising any problems with both NHS England and PCSE. Hopefully, once fully rolled out, the days of misplaced forms and lost post will be consigned to the history books.”