Almost 20% of Brits fear a trip to the opticians

New research shows that 17% of people fear having a sight test

The results of a new survey report that 17% of the British public fear attending a sight test at the opticians. However, this was lower than the 24% who said they feared a trip to the GP and 34% who were apprehensive about an appointment at the dentist. 

The survey of 2000 adults was performed by Fletchers Solicitors and published in a report entitled Waiting Room Woes

Furthermore, of those respondents who stated a ‘fear’ of attending the opticians, dentist or GP, 79% said they hesitate in seeking the advice of these professions as a result. 

A fear of the unknown or finding a previously undetected health problem was the number one reason for these kinds of qualms and was labelled as the reason by 69% of those who took part in the survey.
A phobia of medical devices, such as eye exam equipment and the dentist’s drill, was the source of worry for 52% of people.
Having a potentially painful experience during an appointment was also a concern for 14% of respondents.

CEO of Fletchers Solicitors, Ed Fletcher, said: “It’s interesting to see just how many Britons fear seeking face-to-face medical advice – they really do have a fear of the doctor’s waiting room or the dentist’s chair, which for many continue throughout adulthood. It is important that everyone is at ease when they have a medical problem or question so that they speak to a medical professional when they need to. Putting off appointments is something many are guilty of but this can be dangerous.”


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