The new blue badge

Transport for London launches a month-long trial of ‘Please offer me a seat’ badge


Akin to the ‘Baby on board’ badges, Transport for London (TfL) is trialling a card and badge scheme for those with hidden disabilities and conditions.

From this week (12 September), 1000 people will be given a ‘Please offer me a seat’ badge and a card reading: “Remember, not all disabilities and conditions are visible” during the month-long trial.

It is hoped that the badge will eliminate the need for people, particularly those who have a less obvious need to sit down, to find a seat on public transport services.

TfL explained that: “Many of our customers, particularly disabled people and people with hidden conditions, tell us they struggle to get a seat when they need one. We have developed a badge and card that we hope will help.”

The Royal National Institute for Blind People is not involved with the trial, but the organisation’s regional campaigns officer for London, Richard Holmes, told OT that: “We welcome any initiative which gives blind and partially sighted people increased confidence to travel independently and safely.”

People with disabilities are still able to take part in the trial, and can register their interest at [email protected]

The success of the badge in helping participants to get a seat and other travellers’ reaction to the scheme will be assessed at the end of the trial.