Optegra opens sixth UK facility

Optegra opens £13m new London facility to patients


Optegra Eye Health Care has launched a new flagship hospital in London’s world famous Harley Street district.

The state-of-the-art facility, on Queen Anne Street, extends over six floors of two adjacent houses and is the sixth specialist eye hospital to be opened by Optegra across the UK.

The £13m investment in the hospital design and build, as well as the latest technologies, sees the facility offer a full laser suite, medical ophthalmology rooms, ophthalmic theatres, an 11-bed ward and top of the range equipment.

This includes ReLEx SmILE, which is a bladeless, flapless, minimally invasive alternative to laser surgery.

In order to support patients with poorer vision, Optegra’s new facility will offer a low vision aid service, as well as a vision counselling service to help patients come to terms with their visual disability.

Hospital director for the new Optegra Eye Hospital London, optometrist Amy Richardson, said: “Our brief was very much to create a stunning environment once people step through our doors, capturing the high quality of our service through the optimum standards of design, materials and experience.

“We appreciate that patients can be nervous and sometimes frightened about eye surgery, so we have created a calming, relaxed space – in fact, although we are bursting with medical equipment, in parts it does not feel like a hospital at all. We will do everything in our power to make the whole experience as pleasurable as possible.”

Watch OT’s tour of the new facility below.