Oraya X-ray treatment indicated for eye cancer

Oraya Therapeutics has received a CE extension for its IRay Radiotherapy treatment for eye cancer patients in the UK, Germany and Switzerland

03 Jun 2015 by Ryan O'Hare

A treatment which uses X rays to target cancer cells has received the green light to be used in patients with eye cancer.

California-based Oraya Therapeutics received a CE mark extension for its IRay Radiotherapy for the UK, Germany and Switzerland, where the treatment is already available at 11 centres.

IRay Radiotherapy is already available for patients with wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD), after receiving CE certification in 2010.

The latest indication means it can now be used to treat patients with choroidal metastases, a type of cancer which spreads to the eye from other parts of the body, typically the breast or lung.

The therapy works by targeting the cells with low-energy X-rays, to deliver a precise dose of radiation in a 15–20 minute session. The therapy could provide an alternative to surgery.

CEO of Oraya, Jim Taylor, said the latest oncology indication “demonstrates the breadth of possibilities” of the therapy.

Mr Taylor added: “While Oraya’s primary focus remains on treating wet AMD, we continue to identify and evaluate other uses of the technology that may benefit patients and clinicians.”


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