GEM Motoring Assist calls for regular sight tests for drivers

The road safety charity has highlighted the benefits of a detailed eye examination in line with licence renewal every 10 years

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GEM Motoring Assist has called for a detailed test of visual acuity and field of view every 10 years in line with licence renewal.

The road safety charity highlighted that poor eyesight is linked to more than 3000 fatal and serious injury collisions each year.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth highlighted: “We are worried that there are just too many people driving whose eyesight has deteriorated to an unacceptable level.”

Optometrist Felicity Gill said that she regularly comes into contact with patients who are concerned about their own ability to drive or that of a family member.

She emphasised that driving is not just about clarity of central vision.

“Eye examinations offer an opportunity for a professional to check that vision is clear enough for driving and that field of vision is sufficient using a visual fields machine.

The tests offer the opportunity to identify – at an early stage – any eye conditions that might affect driving, and to address them if necessary,” Ms Gill highlighted.

The AOP has campaigned for drivers to undergo regular vision checks as part of licensing requirements.

Its Don't swerve a sight test campaign received 159 broadcast hits and reached 111 million listeners in 2017.

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