Acquittal stands for Honey Rose

An optometrist’s overturned conviction for gross negligence manslaughter will not be considered by the Supreme Court

An attempt to challenge an optometrist’s acquittal for gross negligence manslaughter has been unsuccessful.

ITV News reported that the Court of Appeal refused an application by the prosecution to have the case heard by the Supreme Court.

Optometrist Honey Rose had her conviction for gross negligence manslaughter overturned by the Court of Appeal in July.

Ms Rose received a two-year suspended sentence in August last year after the death of her patient Vincent Barker from a build-up of fluid on the brain.

Five months before Vincent’s death, Ms Rose performed an eye examination on the eight-year-old.

Following the July acquittal, the prosecution applied to take the case to the Supreme Court, claiming the law on gross negligence manslaughter is “not satisfactorily clear.”

However, the application was turned down in a hearing lasting less than a minute, at the Court of Appeal, according to ITV News. 

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  • hilaryandmichael30 October 2017

    Where is the proof that honey rose was given the correct retinal photograph to examine on the assumption that a view of the retina was not possible by the normal method is direct fundoscopy-and can it be proven what photograph she actually was presented with at the appointment?

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  • hilaryandmichael30 October 2017

    So where is boots opticians liability in all this

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